Mathieu Carrière

PhD Student at Inria Saclay
Team: DataShape (formerly Geometrica), PhD Advisor: Steve Oudot

Research interests


Point Signatures
Mathieu Carrière, Steve Oudot, Maksim Ovsjanikov.
Stable Topological Signatures for Points on 3D Shapes.
Accepted to SGP 2015.
Journal Code
1D Mapper
Mathieu Carrière, Steve Oudot.
Structure and Stability of the 1-Dimensional Mapper.
Accepted to SoCG 2016. Submitted to FoCM.
Conference arXiv (bibtex)
Reeb Distance
Mathieu Carrière, Steve Oudot.
Local Equivalence and Intrinsic Metrics between Reeb Graphs.
Accepted to SoCG 2017.
arXiv (bibtex)
SW kernel
Mathieu Carrière, Marco Cuturi, Steve Oudot.
Sliced Wasserstein Kernel between Persistence Diagrams.
Accepted to ICML 2017.
arXiv (bibtex)
Stat Mapper
Mathieu Carrière, Bertrand Michel, Steve Oudot.
Statistical Analysis and Parameter Selection for Mapper.
Submitted to JMLR.
arXiv (bibtex)