The seminars are held at École Polytechnique Palaiseau, Alan Turing Building. Feel free to use the Google Agenda.

Upcoming Talks

29/03/2017, 2pm: Justin Solomon
  Scalable Optimization Algorithms for Geometry

12/04/2017, 11am: Julien Tierny
  Topological Data Analysis for Scientific Visualization

Past Talks


27/03/2017: Yu Wang (MIT)
  Steklov Geometry Processing: An Extrinsic Approach to Spectral Shape Analysis

17/03/2017: Semih Salihoglu
  Applications of New Join and Spectral Algorithms in Dynamic Graph Processing

09/03/2017: Magnus Botnan
  Multidimensional Persistence

07/03/2017: Ilaria Giulini
  Data driven estimation of the Laplace-Beltrami operator

06/03/2017: Emanuele Rodolà
  Product Manifold Filter: Non-Rigid Shape Correspondence via Kernel Density Estimation in the Product Space

31/01/2017: Eddie Aamari
  Minimax Tangent Space Estimation

16/01/2017: Miro Kramar
  Time Scales in the Dynamics of Granular Materials

12/12/2016: Jacek Brodzki
  Geometry of synchronization problems

23/11/2016: Mickaël Buchet
  Conditions and interpretation in topological data analysis

14/10/2016: Anthony Bak
  Machine Learning at Palantir

04/10/2016: Jaehyeok Shin
  Confidence band for persistent homology of KDE filtration on Ripcomplex


11/07/2016: Stéphane Calderon
  Mathematical Morphology for 3D Shape Analysis and Editing

28/06/2016: Jérémy Cochoy
  Decomposability of exact bimodules

02/06/2016: Olivier Guédon
  Empirical processes and approximation of the covariance matrix

24/05/2016: Ulrich Bauer
  The unexpected efficiency of persistent cohomology

19/05/2016: Yongjin Lee
  Topological Data Analysis of Nanoporous Materials Genome Using Pore-Geometry Recognition Technique

18/05/2016: Senja Dominique Barthel
  Entanglements in spatial graphs

10/05/2016: Christophe Pichon
  The persistent skeleton and its applications in extra galactic astronomy

03/05/2016: Sylvain Arlot
  Cross-validation for estimator selection

14/04/2016: Ruqi Huang
  Analyzing deformation between shapes from point cloud data

03/03/2016: Mathieu Carrière
  Quick review of applied TDA in the medical litterature

18/02/2016: Damien Garreau
  Consistent change-point detection with kernels

11/02/2016: Mathieu Carrière
  Structure and stability of the one-dimensional Mapper

04/02/2016: Harry Lang
  k-Median Clustering on Data Streams

21/01/2016: Mickaël Buchet
  Denoising data with outliers and without parameters

18/12/2015: Jan Felix Senge
  Data-dependent kernels for Topolgical Data Analysis

17/12/2015: Yen Chi Chen
  Statistical Inference using Geometric Features

04/12/2015: Moos Hueting
  CrossLink: Joint Understanding of Image and 3D Model Collections through Shape and Camera Pose Variations

26/11/2015: Wolfgang Polonik
  Nonparametric Inference for Geometric Objects

10/11/2015: Jan Felix Senge
  Topological data analysis for MALDI-imaging

14/10/2015: Harry Lang
  Application of Online Facility Location to Clustering Problems

11/09/2015: Iskander Taimanov
  Numerical topological analysis of three-dimensional geological models


29/06/2015: Peter Wonka
  Mesh Connectivity Editing for Modeling Applications

24/06/2015: Illaria Giulini
  Spectral Clustering & Gram operators

11/06/2015: Kelly Spendlove
  Dynamics to Combinatorics and Back

08/06/2015: Radmila Sazdanovic
  Categorification in topology and graph theory

04/06/2015: Michael Kerber
  The Offset Filtration of Convex Objects

28/05/2015: Jisu Kim
  Minimax Rate for Estimating the Dimension of a Manifold

21/05/2015: Omer Bobrowski
  Maximally persistent cycles in random geometric complexes

18/05/2015: Primoz Skraba
  Measuring shapes

07/05/2015: Thomas Bonis
  Stein's method for diffusion approximation and applications

09/04/2015: Kévin Bievenu
  Visualizing large graphs - State of the Art and Challenges

09/04/2015: Aurélien Vasseur
  Asymptotics of superposition of point processes

24/03/2015: Pawel Dlotko
  Computational topology

05/03/2015: Mathieu Carrière
  Reeb graphs and Mapper algorithms

10/02/2015: Jian Sun
  Convergence of Laplace operator

05/02/2015: Catherine Aaron
  Local convex hull support estimation

03/02/2015: Justin Solomon
  Optimal Transportation Techniques for Geometric Data Processing

29/01/2015: Yann Ollivier
  Deep learning: principles and methods

15/01/2015: Jacques Lévy-Véhel
  A few aspects of the local regularity of functions

13/01/2015: David Vissière
  Géolocalisation en condition extrême

18/12/2014: Mathieu Carrière
  Supervised shape segmentation

11/12/2014: Thomas Bonis
  Generalized Stein discrepancy and convergence rates for the martingale central limit theorem in Wasserstein distance

04/12/2014: Vitaly Kurlin
  Auto-completion of contours in sketches, maps and sparse 2D images based on topological persistence

03/12/2014: Dorian Nogneng
  A new signature for computing symmetries

04/11/2014: Tamal Dey
  Spectral Concentration and Greedy k-Clustering

15/10/2014: Mathieu Carrière
  Topological Signatures for 3D Shapes

29/09/2014: Brittany Terese Fasy
  Local and global distances between road networks

24/09/2014: Eddie Aamari
  Study of paper: Topological consistency via kernel estimation

18/09/2014: Clément Levrard
  Influence of the dimension on squared-norm based quantization

11/09/2014: Ruqi Huang
  Reconstruction of Filament structure vis alpha-Reeb Graph


26/06/2014: Victor-Emmanuel Brunel
  Estimation of convex polytopes, adaptation and misspecification

19/06/2014: Eddie Aamari
  Topological inference and support estimation

30/04/2014: Aurélie Fischer
  Principal curves and model selection

17/04/2014: Jérémy Bensadon
  Geodesic Information-Geometric Optimization

27/03/2014: Jean-Michel Loubes
  Study of Barycentres of empirical measures in the Wasserstein sense: applications in statistics

26/03/2014: Fabrizio Lecci
  Statistical Inference for Persistent Homology

13/03/2014: Thomas Bonis
  Soft Clustering

19/02/2014 : Hélène Lescornel
  Estimation of deformations between ditributions by minimal Wasserstein distance

13/02/2014: Clément Levrard
  Squared norm-based quantization

24/10/2013 : Bertrand Michel
  Study of paper: "Statistical Inference for Persistent Homology"

10/10/2013 : Thomas Bonis
  Topological Pooling in Computer Vision

10/10/2013: Mickaël Buchet
  Analysis of noisy scalar fields


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