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I am currently a researcher at INRIA Saclay - ╬le-de-France in the DataShape team.

I was a postdoctoral researcher in Grenoble at gipsa-lab and then in California at UC Davis.

I prepared my PhD in the VEGAS project.

Here are some of my research topics.


The size of the silhouette of a polyhedron is often much smaller than the size of the whole polyhedron.

Octrees for ray-shooting

Octrees can be used to help speed up ray-shooting. Here we compute almost optimal octrees for a cost-measure introduced by Aronov, Br÷nnimann, Chang and Chiang. Published at CCCG'02, LATIN'04 and CGTA.

Lines transversal to polytopes

The number of lines tangent to 4 among k polytopes of total complexity n is at most n2k2.

On the Number of Maximal Free Line Segments Tangent to Arbitrary Three-dimensional Convex Polyhedra published at CCCG'02, SoCG'04, SIAM Journal on Computing.

Complexity of umbras for polytopes

The results on lines tangent to polytopes allow us to study the complexity of umbras.

Between Umbra and Penumbra published at SoCG'07 and CGTA.

Lines tangent to 4 disjoint unit balls

I found some sets of 4 disjoint unit balls that have interesting common tangents, see here.

Lines tangent to balls

On the complexity of the sets of free lines and free line segments among balls in three dimensions, published at SoCG'10 and DCG.

Predicates for visibility among polytopes

Predicates for line transversals to lines and line segments in three-dimensional space published at SoCG'08.

Approximate covering (and applications to visibility)

Helly-type theorems for approximate covering published at SoCG'08 and DCG.

Voronoi diagrams

Farthest-Polygon Voronoi Diagrams published at ESA'07 and CGTA.

Stability of the diagram in persistent homology

A generalisation of the result of Cohen-Steiner, Edelsbrunner and Harer.

Proximity of Persistence Modules and their Diagrams and a short version published at SoCG'09.

The structure and stability of persistence modules (2012).

Simplification of 2D functions

Using persistent homology to simplify functions defined on 2-manifolds.

Persistence-sensitive simplication of functions on surfaces in linear time.

Graph reconstruction

Metric graph reconstruction from noisy data published at SoCG'11 and IJCGA.

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